The importance of five Ws, 1H and the inverted pyramid style in news writing

The concept of five Ws and 1h has been long there in the field of journalism which is more about getting the story in order and making it easier for the audience to understand.

The concept helps in preparing interview questions and writing factual news stories and better news releases.

The five Ws and 1H signify Who, What, Why, When, Where and HowIn Journalism one tends to agree on the fact that no story is complete without theabove requirements and missing any of the above the questions will leave a mark on the story.

Let’s have a look at what these questions really mean:

When we say who it means who was involved?

What would mean what exactly happened?

Why would refer to why it happened?

Where would signify where it happened followed by When it happened?

If we have answers to all the above questions it will not only help us to write a comprehensive story but also an accurate one which is of utmostimportance in the field of journalism. It is our duty to give the right information to the end users irrespective of anything else.

The concept of inverted pyramid style is not very complicated and helps in making things as simple as possible. A story is made depending on theimportance of the content of the story and it is categorized as per its importance.

The most important or essential part of information will occupy the first paragraph which essentially refers to five Ws which will help the reader to ascertain the key elements of the story.

The rest of the information will follow in descending order as per their importance leaving the least essential material at the very end which gives theformation of a story in inverted pyramid style.

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